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Activated Charcoal from Coconut - drevene uhlie prasok 200g

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Activated Charcoal from Coconut - drevene uhlie prasok 200g

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Kód: DU1
Dostupnosť: 5 prac. dní
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Popis Activated Charcoal from Coconut - drevene uhlie prasok 200g

Activated Charcoal from Coconut - drevene uhlie z kokosu - prasok 200g


  • has adsorbing properties
  • prevents excessive accumulation of intestinal gases
  • improves digestive comfort

High, food-grade (FOOD GRADE) activated charcoal obtained from coconut shells, characterized by a large absorption surface.

Activated charcoal is an elemental form of carbon characterized by very high porosity. Due to the existence of an extensive pore network, such coal has a very large specific surface (even over 3000 m2 / g). Such charcoal activation is achieved by subjecting carbon to high temperatures with limited air access.
Thanks to such an extensive surface, activated charcoal has excellent adsorption properties (adsorbent) and is able to bind surface and neutralize many substances. In addition, as an adsorbent it has also been used in cosmetics (skin cleansing masks), in hygiene products (whitening toothpastes) or in many other fields as a filtering agent (e.g. in aquarium hobby).

Aliness activated charcoal is obtained from coconut shells, intended as an ingredient in dietary supplements. It comes from a leading European supplier and is produced in one of its production plants located in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia.

It can also be used to whiten teeth.
Dosage1/4 scoop of the product mix with a small amount of water and drink.
Container: 200g
Serving Size: 1/4 miarki
Servings per Container: ----
Form: Powder

Content in a portion
in 100 g
Activated Charcoal

Other ingredients
Activated charcoal from coconut.
About the brand

Aliness is a Polish company that focuses on the highest quality, trust and security. Their products are produced in accordance with the "clean label" concept. This means that they do not contain any unnecessary ingredients. The capsules do not contain plasticisers, harmful additives or allergens. Therefore, they are suitable even for people with intolerance to gluten or lactose. All ingredients contained in their supplements do not contain genetically modified organisms (NON-GMO).