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Bromelain 400 mg

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Bromelain 400 mg

Výrobca: Lamberts Healthcare
Kód: L8520-60
Dostupnosť: Dodanie do cca 7-10 pracovných dní
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17,- GBP
(20,73 EUR)

Popis Bromelain 400 mg

High Strength natural enzyme extract from pineapple

This is one of the highest strength bromelain products available, providing 1000 GDU’s (gelatin-dissolving units) per tablet. This is a measure of how active this naturally sourced enzyme really is and is therefore more relevant than the weight of bromelain. Watch out for some USA imports which overstate the GDU level per tablet on the front of the label (one described as 3000 GDU is actually 1000GDU).

Bromelain is a protein digesting enzyme extracted from the stem of fresh pineapples which has traditionally been used as an aid to digestion. However, more recently, research has shown that some bromelain can be absorbed and have useful activity within the body. It is sometimes recommended to be taken alongside glucosamine

Bromelain, an enzyme derived from the stem of fresh Pineapples, is probably best known for its use as a Digestive aid, especially to assist in the digestion of Fatty or high-Protein meals.
Recent research however, has turned many experts’ attention to its use for helping sports people with sprains and strains.
It is believed to inhibit the body\'s production of prostaglandins associated with inflammation and pain whilst promoting the formation of those with an anti-inflammatory action.

Bromelain can also work well when taken in conjunction with Turmeric so many practitioners recommend taking the two products alongside each other.
Bromelain appears to aid the absorption of Curcumin, the active compound in Turmeric.


Small vegetarian tablets

Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

For Joint care: 3 capsules (1 between each meal) for one week.
Thereafter a maintenance dose of 1 capsule daily can be taken for 3-6 months.
For Digestive care: 1 capsule before each main meal up to a maximum of 3 per day.

Ingredients per capsule
400mg Bromelain 1000GDU/g Enzyme activity level
Encapsulated with:
Rice Bran, Capsule Shell (Vegetable Cellulose).

Disintegration time: Less than 1 hour

UPC Code 5055148403294

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